I’ve sewn a princess crown out of fabric.

Detail of DIY fabric crown, sewn by iHanna

I just wanted to.

DIY fabric crown, sewn by iHanna

I don’t know where or when I will be wearing it, if ever, but I looove it! It looks great on my head, standing on a shelf or hanging from the crystal chandelier! It’s a piece of fabric art, do I need to explain it further? Maybe.

When my aunt saw the Princess Crown she asked me:

– What is it? What’s it for?

I didn’t have a good answer. If you don’t get it, you just don’t. It’s like asking why artists paint art – you can’t eat paintings, right? You can’t really do anything with them at all. But for a true artist creativity is something that has to be released. The creative force asks us to make things and there is no possible way to avoid following that force once you let it in. There is no way to escape once you unleashed the force of creativity! It is like a living thing… You might question it, but you have to go with the flow it creates, listen to your materials and follow through on your creative and crazy ideas…

(There is a thin line between crazy people and artists, you know? :-)

DIY Fabric Princess Crown - detail

Princess in the Kingdom of Creativity

Follow your own creative instincts. Don’t listen to aunts who don’t get you. You will eventually become a Princess in the Kingdom of Creativity, where love and passion rules. Just proceed with what you’re creating, and stay there long enough.

I’m a princess living here for quite a while now. Are you? Only you can decide if you want a piece of that cake, and to what level you want to join. You can choose to only make useful stuff, like mittens and socks, but you can also go beyond that and try to make something just because you want to experiment with the material. To beautify the world, to change your outlook and maybe even effect how others view life with your art. If you’re sensitive enough you will feel what wants to become – and you will help it to the world.

I'm a princess, are you? Photo and digital play by iHanna, Copyright Hanna Andersson

Close your eyes, breath in, breath out. Focus and relax. Yes it might sound like a contradiction to both relax and focus, but once you’ve experienced creativity you will know what I mean!

Doodle in your sketchbook, play with your tools, be inspired by others and find your own creativity. It’s within you already – I just know it. Don’t let your inner critic get to you! You can draw, you can start an art journal, you can sew something, you can learn the other stuff later! Just start, become a princess of Creativity, because princesses of Creativity have more fun! ;-)

It was fun making it, you know? That’s my answer to why do it. It makes me happy! I loved to design it and to sew all those small glittery things to the surface! I had fun with the process and also fun while editing these images in Photoshop. I might have to post more self portraits another time.

I really want to make more crowns, but I don’t know if others would like to own a DIY fabric princess crown or would wear it in their life.

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