I?ve been updating the shop I shop with mom this week, and I still have items to add. There are tons of new pot-holders, some in red yummy fabrics that will look perfect in your kitchen during Christmas! It’s time to order now if you want to be sure to get them before Christmas!

Sea horse bookmark in felt

Sea horse bookmark I?ve also added a wallpaper pack to my own Etsy shop. It?s only 6 dollars and contains 6+ different wallpaper pieces for collage or other art fun!

In the mail today I received a envelope from Florida that contained a beautiful and very cute bookmark in felt ? with a green sea horse on. I love it!

I haven?t been in any swaps for a long time, so when I read about this bookmark swap over at Crafty Daisies I jumped in, together with 64 other people. It?s a one for one swap and I?ve made a collage bookmark (click to view it) that turned out just as I wanted it. It?s so my style, I hope my swap partner will like it…

I?m going to make even more collaged bookmarks in paper and add them to my shop later next week – if I can laminate them by then. To laminate them makes them loose a bit of the authentic art feeling I think, you know that ruff surface of a painted and worked collage – but it makes them more durable and I want my bookmarks to sleep in a lot of great books and to be in great condition for a long time.

I know my green seahorse will follow me on a lot of adventures! Thanks to Sandra who made it! The seahorse reminded me of this post with a pink sea horse by Alice – so cute!

Wallpaper pieces
Click here to check out the wallpapers I’m selling! Thanks!

Have a great weekend – all of you princesses! In my weekend plans are sewing knitting with beads, a craft market, writing on my novel and as said, more collages! Yum!