I used to hope that I would “find my style” very soon. I longed to find it, somewhere, anywhere. But I was looking for it before I was ready to see. Then I relaxed a bit and found it was there all the time. But of course it is more developed now. More clear, and in focus. Because I keep adding stuff to my journal, exploring my creative ideas, giving it space – and a lot of time over the years.

We should just say to ourselves:

– Hey, what is this on my desk today?

Could I do something creative with it?

On my desk: an orange label with a smiling fish (it’s from a fly fishing lure decorating thread that mom found in a flea market, and I intend to try to embroider with it)… I liked the label (as well as the pink colour of the thread) so I just added it on top of a journal page. Ka-bam! Pretty.


Pink owl - art journaling in the details
…I’ll write a few words below it; what ever comes to mind in the moment, without being concerned over my wonky handwriting.

I don’t even have to write a whole journal entry on the page. Because maybe collage is my statement…

Collage is my statement
Yeah, I think that’s how I will frame it. Collage is my statement, my voice, my love.

This is my journaling!
…and maybe this is my journaling? On small circle labels in an ocean of polka dotted wrapping paper, glued or sewed into my ongoing journal.

The important thing is to just do it. Be creative. And always always keep an ongoing journal close – what ever you do!