You can never ever have too many notebooks, journals or diaries if you ask me. And I mean never!


I’ve been browsing through every journal there is on eBay. Don’t ask me why. I want to write in them all, fill them with me and my thoughts. To journal my days. But it’s really hard to buy journals online. I’m a bit of a journal snob I guess, because I want not just the pretty covers (and there are a lot of pretty covers out there). I like a nice smooth paper, preferably unlined. And most of the times the seller don’t even show the pages or mention how thick it is. Or even tell what kind of binding the journal contains. Please, if you’re selling notebooks, specify what’s inside because that is what’s really important.

But yeah, I was amazed by pretty covers today. I found a rose covered journal, a cookie monster notebook, a sparky journal with glitter made in Israel and a cat journal that says “more coffee” – awww!

I also like journals with images I recognize and love. A Maurice Sendak one, and a Laurel Burch sketch book (you know the lady with the blue and awesome cat paintings). Yum.

Most of all I want a Large Moleskine plain notebook (no lines on the paper) of course, but while I think about it I’m getting way behind (3000 words?) in my so called novel writing plan. I’m listening to the NanoMonkey Podcast again – and even that doesn’t help.

My fingers are now ice cold and I need a cup of tea.