Cravings: I want pretty journals

You can never ever have too many notebooks, journals or diaries if you ask me. And I mean never!


I’ve been browsing through every journal there is on eBay. Don’t ask me why. I want to write in them all, fill them with me and my thoughts. To journal my days. But it’s really hard to buy journals online. I’m a bit of a journal snob I guess, because I want not just the pretty covers (and there are a lot of pretty covers out there). I like a nice smooth paper, preferably unlined. And most of the times the seller don’t even show the pages or mention how thick it is. Or even tell what kind of binding the journal contains. Please, if you’re selling notebooks, specify what’s inside because that is what’s really important.

But yeah, I was amazed by pretty covers today. I found a rose covered journal, a cookie monster notebook, a sparky journal with glitter made in Israel and a cat journal that says “more coffee” – awww!

I also like journals with images I recognize and love. A Maurice Sendak one, and a Laurel Burch sketch book (you know the lady with the blue and awesome cat paintings). Yum.

Most of all I want a Large Moleskine plain notebook (no lines on the paper) of course, but while I think about it I’m getting way behind (3000 words?) in my so called novel writing plan. I’m listening to the NanoMonkey Podcast again – and even that doesn’t help.

My fingers are now ice cold and I need a cup of tea.

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  1. I have a serious journal/notebook fetish. I love them all. I can’t think of a better addiction to have! :)

  2. Serious notebook fetish here too. I seem to collect them like my life depended on it. I have so many I need to get a bigger office drawer.
    Im working on getting over that stupid “it’s too nice/beautiful/odd to use for just doodles and jotter”, it’s damn hard. But Im getting there!
    The Lurel Burch was a really cool one!

  3. I presently have 25 untouched notebooks and sketchbooks. And that’s not counting the 4 or 5 others that I’m still working in. They are addictive, aren’t they?

    And don’t worry about being behind on Nanowrimo. Everyone I know who is participating is behind, including myself. We’ve got the first half of this month done so only 15 more days to go! We can do it!


  4. i love blank books, too! you should check out – there are so many fabulous handmade notebooks out there!!!

  5. Hi Hanna
    I have the black cat journal. And I have another source for you – Archie McPhee They have lots of other black cat stuff as well. Since I own a black cat named Sabotage (Sabo for short) I am always on the look out for black cat stuff. Smilla is quite a lovely cat.

    I really enjoy reading your blog and get lots of comfort and inspiration from you! And I too have a blank journal/notebook fixation!

  6. First I got to say: Love your blog and congratulations to your bookrelease! Journals is addictive. Since you are Swedish I have to ask;
    Har du sett de superfina och v?ldigt billiga pocket-dagb?ckerna p? Pocketshop designade av fantastiska Lotta K?hlhorn?
    (English:Have you seen the superbeautiful and cheap paperback-journals at Pocketshop designed by fantastic designer Lotta K?hlhorn?)

  7. Oh, I have a journal/notebook fetish too. I think I need to start making them myself to curb my appetite. Don’t feel bad, I’m way worse behind on my novel. I’m not sure if I can even recover at this point, due to finals at school. Good luck, and keep it up!

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