I got a great big check to go to the Artist Shop in town (Konstnärsshopen) for my birthday, and I’ve been saving it for a special day when I needed a shop kick – and feeling so happy about having it. So this week the time came when I put the big sturdy check into my back pack and went into town. I should have taken some photos in there I guess, so you could all see it, since I personally looove photos from when ever any of you visit the huge American/foreign Art Stores… *hint hint*

This is what I got:

Fr0m Konstnrsshopen

Big bottle of glue, some leaf looking beads, yellow ochre acrylic paint, two sizes of scissors (always good to have more scissors), fine grain cold pressed watercolour paper (100 papers), some long shanked paintbrushes, tape and two scrapbook papers. All the money is gone, cat not included.

This is what I asked for that they didn’t have: bone folders and A4 vellum paper. This is what they didn’t have in sight that I have on my art wish list right now:

Looks like I have to much time at hand, sitting by the computer thinking about things I just can’t afford to get right now. Do something useful will ya? OK.

This is how I spend the afternoon:

Water colour on my desk

It was all good.