The midieval diary mom gave me in September is filling up, but I think it might take me through November too, at least I hope so because I’ve made a November tab, which is something I haven’t done in previous journals but really like! One tab for each month makes it easier to find what you’re looking for and also divides the pages so you can almost see time passing by. I really like my tabs!

Diary tabs

October was pink because it was breast cancer awareness month. This month is orange because of all the Halloween items I see on other blogs. We don’t celebrate Halloween here, so November will be writing month. My word count? 3682 words so far. I feel like I’m getting nowhere and each time I stop writing I feel so empty. I have nothing left for tomorrow!? I have made no plotting so I don’t know where I’m going at all, but I need to find out soon!

Anyway, I’ve made a calendar spread in my diary this month too, it looks like this;

November already! Copyright Hanna Andersson
Drawing Your Own Calendar Spread is really fun, I do it in my diary.

I find these calendar pages great and I use them a lot now to fill in what I’ve used each day for, my plans and sometimes I draw the weather and items I’ve seen or used in my little squares.

When filling in the days I found some number stamps and stamped the dates instead of writing them. The only number missing was 9, so I had to write the nines by hand but I don’t think that matters very much. No one will see, except you and me! ;-)

November 2007 in the diary, NaNoWriMo of course - photo and calendar by iHanna
Thirty days of writing? But the writing takes up very little of my day if I head for the “must” of 1667 words each day. I worried before I started to write that I would be stressed, but I’m not at all. I have a lot of time for writing, the only thing that worries me now is that I might not be the writer I want to be? I feel so much bla-bla-bla coming out. When will anything good be written? Soon I hope. How are you doing? If you are not writing I hope you’re doing something else that feels creative and good for ya!

Happy creative weekend everyone!