Art Journal Spread: Living out loud

living out loud

An Art Journal Spread I made earlier this year, about how one should always live out loud and keep creating.

Right now I’m not living out loud.

I’m in silence, waiting. What about you? Did you take advantages of your day? Did you make an effort? I didn’t, today. I will try, tomorrow.

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  1. We all need downtime too… moments, hours, maybe even a whole day (or more), of repose, rest, quiet. think of today as rejuvenation, rather than feeling like you didn’t take advantage of the day.
    I SO enjoy your blog and your artwork-I wish I was half as creative and self-challenging as you are. You are one fantastic Swedish woman! If you ever come to Alaska, I would love to visit with you.

  2. What a cool page! Love all the beautiful colors.
    Today I grocery shopped. Not too exciting, but it had to be done! LOL!

  3. I love the vivid combination of colours!
    I did make some effort on Sunday – we decided on a spontaneous photoshoot in a punk style and it was fun and turned out better then we expected! (it was just for fun, I’m not a model or something! ^^). To continue the creative time spending and to get some inspiration we visited the National Contemporary Art gallery in the afternoon.
    Thank you for the compliment on my photos, please come back for more to

  4. I am taking full advantage of my downtime right now! I spent most of my weekend being a couch potato hee hee! I think we all need a bit of time to just be!! *hugs*

  5. i love this page, hanna! i also like that you are aware of your day and your mood and will try again, without judgment. being kind to ourselves is the first step to living out loud, in my opinion.

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