Ode to the hands

Thumbs up, it is all in our hands to make the world a more beautiful place. So let’s keep at it. iHanna

Thumbs up it is all in our hands to make the world more beautiful

Do you remember me sharing the start of the En masse Glue book project? Well, I filmed a couple of the spreads that I created in it, and the first one has the theme of “hands”.

I am not sure I like how the finished spread looks, with all those body parts floating around, but the symbolism of hands really speak to me.

Open hands, creative hands, holding hand, so handy all of it.

So I think of this page as an ode to our hands, and all their power and grace.

A person who works with their hands is a laborer; a person who works with their hands and their brain is a craftsperson; but a person who works with their hands and their brain and their heart is an artist. Louis Nizer (altered quote)

Video: Glue book theme Hands

Take a look at the process here.

If you can’t see the video click to collage with me on YouTube.

Finding hands to cut out is not too hard, but finding images of big hands that are not covered in hair – that’s hard! Also, collaging them together to look “nice” was not easy either. I should’ve tried to collect this kind of images for longer before creating the finished spread, for a more inclusive range of hands, but I was eager to get going. Did I succeed at least with my mission to make an ode to our hands?

And ode to our beautiful creative hands from iHanna

Have you tried something like this, or will you now? I sure would love to hand you the idea.. so grab it and go make your own themed collection of images.

Also check out my blog post: How to start an En masse Glue book, or if you want another kind of (really fun) glue book collecting project may I suggest: How to start a Rainbow Glue Book.

In any case, keep your hands busy my friends.

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  1. Glad to see you’re still enjoying creating in your En mass Glue Book project! Thanks for the update on it!

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