Collage, quotes and crafted this summer

Another post with spreads from my Moleskine! Most of the pages/spreads are very personal and private, but these I don’t mind sharing with you. Maybe you’ll get some ideas to spark your own journaling with collage, sketching, writing, notetaking? I hope so.

Collage romantic life

A collage spread with the feeling of romantic decorating and summer.

Stern quotes

I’m reading a book by Bengt Stern that my friend Inger gave me. It is not a book to keep, it was bought by another girl who wants it to “wander” and not stay in somebodys bookshelf. It will hopefully be given to people who needs it, and if they don’t need it they are to give it away to somebody else. It is a great idea of sharing what was important to the one who bought it.

I think it is filled with mumbo-jumbo, but since my journal is filling up with quotes too (see above) it must have arrived to me at a good time i my life I guess. The quotes I’ve collected means something to me right now. They make me think about me, him, life, love and cosmic energy!

Next spread:

Crafted this summer

I’ve drawn some of the items I’ve crafted during June-July 2007 on this spread. What have you created during one year? Maybe it could be a journal prompt to draw or write a list at the end of the month of what you’ve made. Include food, letters, blog posts or anything else you’re proud i of if you like.

Happy journaling!

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  1. right now I have the only one wish – to understand swedish :) But thank god for my danish husband which was used to satisfy my curiosity here :)
    I like the quotes you chose but most of all I like what they make you think of :)

    list of what I have done during the year… I probably should make a list of things I’ve made but decided that they aren’t what they should be and through them out… horrible habit!

    Cute skirt drawing :) I wonder how it looks “live” :)

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