I made a card for mom before the summer started, to get her some “blue patterns” that I know she loves. She has actually bought some porcelain with these patterns. I really love them too, but they are not for me.

Card for mom
A card for mom. Blue of course, because that’s her colour.

Moms thrifted blue finds

What do you think, isn’t it great to combine all of these together?

Candle holder

Stompa, bread mom made on the stove. I love this, fresh bread. Mmm!

And when thrifting this style has also been in my mind, plus mom loves white lace too. Here are some of her finds drying in the wind outside:

Lace on the line


My mom
My beautiful mom!


Blue rug
I’ve crocheted another rug, a blue one for my mother. The first one I made was mostly orange.

Blue rug Blue rug Blue rug Blue rug - close up

When I see blue I think of my mother, because when I was young blue was her only favorite color. Now I think she likes them all, she is in bloom!