Tea party in Wonderland

Tea party for my friends

It is a great day today. It is the first day of the rest of our lives, and we can do with it anything we want. Change, lay still, move, evolve, have a tea party, give out presents, enjoy the sunshine, write, create, blog… Anything!

I’m wrapping a birthday gift for tonight, arranging a going away party for Queen Elisabeth and the others. Queen Elisabeth is moving to Tine Sparkles, and Maj, my third art doll, is moving too – but to whom you might ask? Read on and it shall all be revealed, who wins what and how that happened!

Maj - art doll #3

We are having tea, and the bunnies are a wee bit sad to see their friends leave home, but also curious and happy for their sake.

It will be an adventure to travel in a parcel to distant places like British Colombia and USA for these, my creations. It will be hardest for me I guess, like parting with good friends. It is never easy if you ask me, but sooner or later the good byes has to be said!

The sibling cats are also leaving too, as they too have been picked as winners in the One world, one heart contest drawing today. But they are just giddy with excitement, and not at all sad to leave me behind.

Queen Elisabeth art doll
We are having tea today, because that is what Queen Elisabeth has ordered of course! What else would a lady like her have? She has a bad stomach after being in a box for too long. Now that I brought her into the light again, I see her beauty. I don’t know if anybody else does (except for Tine), but I really like her coffee stained body and staring gaze! I love her, and as I look at her now, again, I know I will have to make more art dolls this year. What a good feeling.

Mr and Mrs Bunny They sit in my window right now, all of them, waiting to be wrapped in paper and parcel. Together there, amidst flowers and my new white house (that I simply love) they look like they just came up from Alice’s Wonderland to visit for a while. The only onces that are staying is Mr. and Mrs. Bunny, they still need their mama. Or maybe it’s the creator that can’t be separated from them?

Since I don’t have a cute daughter to pick a name from a cute hat, and my cat Smilla refuses to cooperate (she is such a diva!), I’m letting the the Random Number picker help me. Nice, huh?

Congratulations to the winners

48 persons entered their name.

All of you are winners to me, but only a few gets a small gift from iHanna:

Diva cat

Big Congrats girls, you are all worth even more but I’m just a poor student you know! Please send me your home adresses and I’ll send you your price as soon as I can. It is a gift to you for being such a online sweet heart in this one world we have together, charing our heart and art!

For all of you who didn’t win: I’m sorry, I still like you!

PS: I’m getting a pressie too, and I already loooove it (it’s a wooden H from my friend M)! Can’t wait to see it for real.