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Maria and I went to town today. I bought a black cartridge for my Epson, and a clip dispenser that looks like a bird. I love it because it looks so silly! I choose the turqoise one, over the pink that looked to hard for me.

So why the title of the post? You’ll see soon.

Elephant bead

I made this little charm with mom’s plastic beads. I think it is a cell phone charm, but I don’t know yet. What would you do with it? I like elephants, they are impressive and beautiful animals.

Candle tray - redone

I also really really like this little glas tray that I found at a flea market in Stockholm. It was disgustingly dirty and the little plastic knob feets were greasy. Inside the glas was a Scottish postcard with collage that looked old and dirty too. But when I saw it I picked it up and examined it, and when I saw that you could remove the glas and clean it and change the image I of course bought it. Isn’t it cute?

Rose shrine

The small jewel case with rose fabric is from my childhood. I had discarded it as being to girly when I moved from my parents I guess, but now I found it as mom was trying to claim it and took it with me. I don’t know what I’ll keep there, but I think it is too shabby chic not to keep, right?

Mohair scarf for me

And finally, a picture of the finished mohair scarf I knitted this month with yarn that mom gave me. It is a bit thin, but I’m aiming for spring right now.

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