Shabby chic inspiration

Rose garden

There are people who live in houses like these, in white rooms with matching sofas, people who have gardens like these, where roses grows. Can you belive it?

I’m not one of them, but I love to dream, still. Here are some new spreads in my inspiration sketch book of home decoration. I hope you will enjoy these beautiful images from various magazines.

The library

Pink mom

Fru Billgren

Kitchen ware

More pages here

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  1. H?rliga urklipp! Den d?r bruna f?t?ljen med prickar ?r fr?n en annons som alltid f?r mig att stanna till och titta lite extra l?nge :) Jag ?lskar mina gamla inredningstidningar. Det spelar ingen roll hur mycket jag ?lskar mina b?cker, de h?r tidningarna f?r dubbelt s? mycket k?rlek.

  2. I love it! I have the same sort of notebook but mine is in a photo album with sticky pages because every now and then creativity strikes and I rearrange the items on the pages. It’s fun to see what others have done with their inspiration paes.

  3. Hej!

    JAg gillar din inspirations bok! Det ?r verkligen ett m?ste att ha ett st?lle att samla alla ideer som man ser i tidningar. Vi verkar ha lite sammma smak!

    Ha en fortsatt trevlig kv?ll ;-)!

  4. oooh – your images are wonderful. Would love to do a home magazine swap with you if you are ever up for it! I love european magazines and we do not get them all here!
    Thanks for stopping by – so good to see you :)

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