Frankly, I’ve not found a theme at Month of Softies that I’ve really been interested in until now. Elephants, the first theme, seemed to be too difficult for me as a newbie at sewing. Plus an accessory! Scary!

The hung-up in December was about Christmas and I don’t have a tree at home and didn’t feel like ornamenting anything right then, in January the theme was Vintage catwalk, and I felt that catwalk was pretty clothes, and clothes I know from experience is difficult to sew if you want it to look good. The entries are amazing, and I could probably have done something cute like the softie that Bear Girl did, but my imagination was not that great…

Last month was a self portrait and that didn’t feel just right either, who would like a doll looking like me, right? Haha.

Probably I was just afraid of making something really ugly, spending a lot of time on something horrible time consuming and freaky… But a monster… It really ought to be ugly, horrible and very freaky, right? So I’ve made him pink wool hair today – and submitted him on the very last day.

And now it hit me, I could probably have submitted the three musketeers, but it was more fun to do something new.

Here he is:

iHannas monster Frank

He is called Frank – the monster!

His name is Frank, he is a jungle man monster friend. Half frog, half bear he became a green little monster with sharp teeth and long fingers, but a soft heart – a real softie of April.

Month of softies