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Christina och Ramses and another kitten

Around Easter this year my friend Christina became 30 years old. I gave her a big package with lots of things inside. Handmade stuff too, like the crocheted scarf and the third pointy kitty I’ve made (the first one was for me and the second one was a present too). This softie kitty was blue, with black stripes on the back and head!

After the birthday celebrations was over me and my brother went over to Christina’s house to mingle with the new kittens… She has got two beautiful cat boys age 7 months, Ramses and Diesel.

Home sweet home
I was very impressed by the two cat baskets that Christina’s mother Ulla had made for the two kittens. I think they are awesome – and the cats loved to play in them.

Favorite place to be
A cat basket in fabric and stuffing is about 3-500 SEK in a pet store, so to craft one would be both fun and smart!

I took some pictures of Ramses in his soft basket, both for my own memory and to inspire any kitty crafters out there… Neat, huh? Some more photos that I think are really fun and cute:

Lets play kittens, come on!
– Come on, lets play guys!

Two teenagers hanging out
Two teenagers in love?

Looking at me?
– Hey! Are you looking at me girl?

Stay tuned to see what I’m making for my cat.

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  1. Your a lovely friend to part with things that you’ve made, after all the time it takes too make them.

  2. ah hanna. du är en otrolig inspirationskälla! jag beundrar ditt skapande.
    ha det gott!

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