Book of dreams – pockets

Smilla helping me (Photo by iHanna - Hanna Andersson)
Smilla, my cat, is not really helping with the crafting. She is distracting me with her cute look. She wants to play…

On this picture she is trying to lick and/or steal the yellow feather that I stuck into a pocket in my new altered book! I’ve been wanting to alter a book for over a year, and have tried different books and styles, but then thought it was to difficult or ugly or strange – and stopped using them. But maybe now is the time… This is a part of the first page of my very own Book of Dreams, a project (or challenge or whatever) that I’ve decided to take part in!

First page
This is my first spread in the altered book I’m using. It can be about a lot of things, but states that this book will be about me, my goals, dreams, needs and cravings. I really like that the theme is very loose so that I can use both the present and the future to make pages. And I like that it is a technique and not a subject that will be presented each Wednesday by Kari. This week is about pockets. I’ve never used a pocket on my pages, so it was fun to try this out.

Pink library pocketI downloaded the library card template from Mirkwood and made a pink library pocket on the cover of the book, so that I can use it to store loose dreams and ideas.

I imagine that I will do library pockets in all my future book projects from now on. They have a nice shape and reminds me of my love for books, libraries and to systematic categories things.

To take a photo of it I just stuck a note there of three movies I want to see soon.

Take your wings and flyOn the right page of the spread I glued down a riped paper as a pocket, just as Kari suggested. The pocket is made out of a Chinese rice paper that is half transparent and very beautiful. Have you ripped paper like that? The edges are so soft and fuzzy… Mmm!

I had no idea what to use this pocket for, and then it hit me when it was done: it has to be a feather! I thought of a white feather, but yellow and pink was all I had in my stash (from Easter decorating), so I used the yellow one.

I’m looking forward to do more on this book soon. Maybe tonight. But first I need to play with my cat for a while.

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  1. This turned out just wonderful…I love it! Love the pink, and the feather, wow!!! So glad you had fun with your pockets:)

  2. Have you read the book or seen the movie Smilla’s Sense of Snow? It was an international best seller by Peter Hoeg. One of my favorite movies, then I got my hands on the book a couple of months ago. Really enjoyed it.

  3. What a beautiful and inspiring altered book page! I got stuck with my altered book, too. Maybe it?s because I didn?t have an inspiring theme… Your post got me thinking. I love the idea of a book of dreams.

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