Coloring a mandala and being published

Book of Dreams - altered book I made

It’s February already, did you notice?

I’ve been away from the computer for 2,5 day sleeping. I don’t know what happened but I was tired all the time. Maybe it was some kind of virus or just winter sleepiness? I did nothing except dreaming, but dreaming is very good for you as you might know, or at least you can learn if you read this zine?!

When I came back to the world
today five people have added me as a friend over at my flickr account, I have a couple of new e-mails and wonderful comments to read in my blog! After breakfast I took a walk in the sun to the post office where I posted one of my bags to go to a buyer in the UK! It still feels strange and exiting to send away parcels with things I have created to someone I don’t know who payed for it! If you saw me walking I think you could notice a special kind of swung in my steps. I walked so straight-backed to the post office, smiling inside. It’s a great and thrilling feeling!

Mandala coloring

I got the zine
Astarte’s Mega-Zine issue #5 which is about Dreaming in my e-mail and I’m still reading through the articles that I’ve printed out. So much wonderful stuff in there! You must get it if you’re a lover of art and craft too! Some mandalas created by expert Clare Goodwin are included in with the zine. I printed mine on a sturdy paper and colored it with (dad’s) color-pens while eating my breakfast this morning. You can read more about mandalas in the article Meeting the mandala over at Clare’s site.

The ABC game my friend Marika made is starting this week (today!). I need to figure out a fun A-post and write it. I think I might do that in Swedish, we’ll see.

Dreams are real

I’ve got an article in the Astarte’s zine, it’s called Altered Book of Dreams. The book I wrote about was inspired by ArtsyMama and it’s not about night time dreaming or REM but about my awake dreams for the future! I had fun writing it but it was difficult and a bit of a challenge. I like struggling with writing sometimes, it makes me feel alive. You can view some spreads from my altered book with the dream theme at flickr!

Happy love month!

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  1. Well done on the bag sales! I’ve been wondering about that zine. Might give it a try, maybe even tonight. Don’t you just love the internet!Looking forward to seeing your journalling kit……

  2. I love your Dream Book spreads, very inspiring! Must get the Astarte magazine soon, I got one issue and I loved it, and now when there is an article of somebody I actually know and admire as an artist – there’s no way I could miss this! *^v^*

  3. Fantastiskt snygg banner du fnulat ihop! Och jag skulle l?tt k?pa fina 10×10 kort. D? skulle jag rama in dem och ha dem ovanf?r min s?ng och sen vakna med ett leende varje morgon!

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