Fly free like a bird - detail of picture
I’ve made two more spreads in my Book of dreams, I finished the last one this morning. The message of the pages are Fly free like a bird!

This is the first page with layers:

Pink layers

Fly free - detailFly free - detailI just loved how ArtsyMama made a hole in her page, a see through with the pages as layers. My pages are allready prepared and glued together so I just made one hole, but I know I will use this method a lot more. Click on the pictures to see the hole better.

This is what you only have a glimse of through the first page:

Fly free like a bird
The second spread, not as worked but containing the message: Fly free! Isn’t that something everyone dreams of?

Swallow tin canAnd I also wanted to show you this thrifted little tin can that I payed as much as 30 SEK for in a flea market with mom last month. But I so fell in love with it, and just had to have it. Isn’t it cute?

I hope you have a nice day!