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Adolescent | Assemblage Doll Painting II

My second assemblage ever. I’m such a newbie at this, but I enjoyed the process and hmm.. the result too actually. Even though so many of you seem to think I’m deranged… And I don’t mind! I look at these two assemblages with dolls (they are not barbies but much smaller) and I might agree, […]

Adulthood | a try at assemblage

ASSEMBLAGE An artistic process in which a three-dimensional artistic composition is made from putting together found objects. Assemblage is the three-dimensional cousin of collage. [quote from here] I’ve been wanting to work with assemblage for a long time, and since I am drawn to dolls of all kinds I went with that. I love my […]

Pink feathers

Always, always, always stop and snap a photo when you see something that makes you happy. Like pink Easter feathers in town. I want to go home… but on the other hand… they’ve got great second hand shopping in this town! Look what I thrifted yesterday: More pictures will come later, coz I was really […]

I want to go home…

Only a couple of days of work practice left here, then I’m heading home for this: Black India Ink, new pens, crayons and more bits and pieces of paper from Sweet Pea Kate, darling girl, who wanted a craft material trade ages ago and NOW finally sent something my way! So fun I want to […]

Explore Interestingness at Flickr

This is for all of you who have got (or need to get) an account at, and want to use it even more… hmm… if we all are not allready hooked! Did you know that you can subscribe to your favourit groups and friends photo streams with a RSS reader (like bloglines). At the […]

A Chunky Book page

I singed up for Joleens project Vintage Valentine, a chunky book where 40 artists contributed with 40 pages each. Joleen got them all and sorted them out, bound them together with a big fat spiral binding. This is how I made my page, the first chunky book page ever, or hmm… the 40 first ones! […]

Black and white

Studio Friday subject this week: Black and white! I just love black and white photos. When I was younger I used to buy a b/w film every once in while and take special pictures of trees and people. Portraits is still my favourit photo today. To save the familiar faces of friends and family is […]

Vintage Valentine book

I got the Vintage Valentine chunky book this week, just one month late (we were promised to get them on Valentine’s Day last month). I don’t mind that it was late though, since I live in Sweden I was expecting it to be come late. And now it has arrived! Isn’t it amazing? I’ve never […]

Snowman, his wife & Peppar

In a previous post I showed you these little guys in our window, a photo taken through the curtain a sunny morning. And no, the are not little house elves. They are snow people that mom sewed for me. Mom is a great artist. She will sell her quilts, bags and crafts in our mutual […]

I want a kitty of my own

Studio Friday theme is eyes this Friday. What you are “all eyes on” right now? I’m seeing, reading, thinking, surfing, reading, searching – for my cat. Where is he? I haven’t found him yet. I haven’t meet him yet. So I’m still all eyes. All I crave right now seems to be a kitten to […]