Adolescent | Assemblage Doll Painting II

Adolescent (II)
My second assemblage ever. I’m such a newbie at this, but I enjoyed the process and hmm.. the result too actually. Even though so many of you seem to think I’m deranged… And I don’t mind!

I look at these two assemblages with dolls (they are not barbies but much smaller) and I might agree, on some level. But it sure is amazing to feel free to do them anyway! I feel so free, doing my fantasies, trying out so many different styles. When I’m in my comfort zone (at home by my desk), I like to peek out and try the crazy art life! Whoohaa!

Adolescent (II) - detail
Hear me roar!

Artist statement

Edit (text written January 2008):

    The image depicts Hanna Andersson’s assemblage “Adolescent II”. Hanna is drawn to all kinds of dolls. Most dolls have no special expression in their face and they can be interpreted as we please. A doll is blank as a canvas and the similarity to small children is striking. When they mature both will be filled with color, emotions and feelings. The child who is playing with her doll, the artist who is altering a doll (and hanging it on the wall) but also the external viewer – all have power to change the canvas/child.

    Just as all small children a doll needs a guiding hand and love to become what they are meant to be!

    Hanna likes to play with dolls as a grown up, feminist and as an artist. They remind her of her childhood games but also of her womanhood and constant struggle to be what a woman/person is expected to be and look like.

Adolescent (II) - another view

My comfort pictures:

Ludde the puppy - Thinking
Ludde, the office dog, is thinking and longing to go outside.

White little cat
And a cat I got this week, after giving blood at the blood buss for the hospital. I had to chose the cat, you know.

3 Responses

  1. Love the little cat you got there!! Very comforting looking and Ludde is so cute, too ;-) (great name, I love the sound of it!)

  2. I love this assemblage. I like it more than the previous one, because of the conflict that seems to be between the doll covered with “blood” and the roses, the coffee cup and the naive brades. It doesn’t look like a second-piece-ever at all.

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