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This is for all of you who have got (or need to get) an account at flickr.com, and want to use it even more… hmm… if we all are not allready hooked!

Did you know that you can subscribe to your favourit groups and friends photo streams with a RSS reader (like bloglines). At the bottom of most pages there is a text line that looks something like this:

    Feeds for iHanna’s photostream Available as RSS 2.0 and Atom.

Clicking on one of those links and then adding that page to your RSS reader you’ll be told when new photos are added. I’m subscribing to some of the groups that I’m a member off. Like Art Studio, because I love looking at home decoration and artist’s places. And I’m administrator of that group too (with Tiff). Join in!

If you usually just click around and look at photos from your contacts, maybe it’s about time you descover more of flickr? I was just recently listed with one of my photos on “interestingness” and then descovered the beatiful 500 photos that are listed each day in the Calendar! Check it out!

One of my photos with interestingness in march 2006

Don’t ask me how I got listed as interesting, but I’m glad I found this feature and will add more and more great photos to my own favourits!

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  1. I am still getting used to flickr but I am certainly hooked. It is so interesting to see what sort of things people post there!

  2. Thanks for visiting my “Studio Friday” entry. I’m a member of Flikr as well and would love to browse the pictures you have talked about. I’ll have to check into it. Thanks for your comment.

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