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Valentine countdown

Today after school me and Anna thrifted. I got two old school books with beautiful illustrations that I really like. I wish I had a scanner so I could show you all the beautiful illustrations better. I wish I had all day tomorrow to create art and not be in school… Related PostsRestoring a Book […]

Projects and books

Happy new year of the dog! I got two new books this weekend when P came home! Hurray, I’m such a lucky girl, not only because of the books, but because I have a man who loves me and comes home to me to hug me all weekend. Ahum, this post is about books and […]

Fingerprints in my Art Journal

Studio Friday and the theme is Playtime! Tine of Tine sparkles says “dip the fingertips in the paints and start walking with them over the paper! Let your fingers go for a walk.” So that is what I did, in my Art Journal. Related PostsI want a kitty of my own Blue Baby Quilt Project […]

Where do the weekends go?

I know it was snow. Lots of snow, all night and all day. Then there was more snow. And now the weekend is over. Where do the weekends go really? I have done nothing at all… I think. Except… some reading: Blog gossip Finally I had the time to sit down and read the book […]

Worth your while

I don’t really have time to post anything today, but I just wanted to show you a cute picture I took of my mother: Related PostsLuxury Knitting with Alpaca + Ravelry Thoughts Finally I knit a pair of Fingerless Mittens In my lap

Goal Setting & List Writing

Man is a goal seeking animal. His life only has meaning if he is reaching out and striving for his goals. Aristotle I think setting goals is an important way to keep developing in your life. Or just to have a reason to get up in the morning, right? If you have no appointments and […]

A Birthday Card I made

The tulip picture I posted the other day was taken of a multi-coloured bouquet for a friend turning thirty. This pink tulip, with a white border and black middle, I bought just for me! One of the best things about winter and snow is that you are allowed to buy flowers for yourself to cheer […]

Made a pair of Mom Mittens

When my mother was here she thrifted this beautiful sweater in pink and green shades. I wanted to have it too, but it fitted her perfectly… Until she washed it… It was wool and shrunk to half it’s size, unfortunately for her. Fortunately for me though. I couldn’t wear it now eather but I cut […]

No limits but no time

If I had lots of time, I’d wanna make a lot of things right now. Here is a list of stuff I’d like to do if I had no time limits at all… Make lots of cool retro books just like Deborah does Do some really cool stamp carving Hava a garden and try some […]

The background of art

Studio Friday: I Spy with my Little eye… I got a desk pad with this years months on from my father-in-law this week. Yesterday, while crafting, I messed the first page up really bad. It was so fun! I love to discover the “background” of my art when I’m finished with the real piece. When […]