Valentine countdown

Today after school me and Anna thrifted. I got two old school books with beautiful illustrations that I really like.

Swedish school books #vintagebooks

I wish I had a scanner so I could show you all the beautiful illustrations better. I wish I had all day tomorrow to create art and not be in school…

I also got three different patterned fabrics with tones of pink in them:

Different fabrics from today
Silky, flowery and one with blue roses! Mmm…

Tomorrow is February first, don’t forget to visit Lisa Vollrath’s Valentine countdown. She is probably the one who has written most how-to-articles on the web, and therefor it seams appropriate that her first Podcast is about how difficult it is to pick one thing to start with when there is so many choices. Fun to listen to. I need to listen to this podcast everyday from now on, and do exactly as told.

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  1. Jag vill också ha en scanner… undra om det finns jättebilliga men jättebraig?

  2. Please please come save me from this mundane life!!!!! I live vicariously through your web site!!:)

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