Casting on a Möbius

One skein left in the basket at the shop, and it was still there when I came back a couple of days later… I think it was destented to be mine.

One thread wool yarn

Isn’t it beautiful?

Beautiful shades of green, bought at Hemsl?jden for 148 SEK. I’m going to knit a moebius shawl (mbius in Swedish) that my friend Inger told me about. She thought it was a fun knit, and I thought I needed a challenge!

Green yarn one threed wool

But it is not really difficult to knit it, just purl and knit on the round. But the casting on is another thing…

Casting on

Knitting a Möbius

1. Casting on:
I used Barbro’s description and also some descriptions in english (here and here) to get it right. But after the cast on there were no problems, and I will keep on knitting on this thing.

Mbius development

2. Mbius development
It’s still on the needles and it will take me some time to finish it, but I am sure I will do it before the winter is over. I’m so curios about how it will look of the needles!

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  1. Amazing green shade, Hanna. I can’t knit in the round, unfortunately I learnt with the straight needles and the right-hand method so I find it soo difficult.. I’m looking forward to your result, I know it will be a success!

  2. that yarn makes me drool. wow! i am such a sucker for crazy green colorways. beautiful! can’t wait to see it worked up!

  3. What a gorgeus yarn! It will be great to see your moebius shawl grow, so I hope you will post more pictures of your work in progress. Btw – thanks for the funny link to the addicted knitter :-)

  4. hej Hanna!

    I’m passing by every now and then, to see what you’re up to… ; )

    I’m knitting this one as well! Found it on the web and loved it. My moebius is also green, but more of a “milky green”, if that makes any sense. It takes quite a while to knit though… and Ive kind of put it on hold for a while know, having summer in Oz now and all… we can compare when they’re finished though! And yep… the casting on WAS tricky, however I’m hoping the end result will be so interesting I’ll forget about that…

    All the best to both yourself and P!


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