One small step as an artist, one giant leap for my confidence.

Art journals
Studio Friday theme: Retrospective! Looking back at the past year.

Craft and art 2005

This was the year I started to make collages in an art journal and bought gesso for the first time in my life.

I’ve become a better friend with my sewing machine, taking her exercising every now and then (not too often though). This was the year when I joined my first knit-a-long (for the striped socks) and got all obsessed about trading ATC’s over at flickr when Ron gave me a pro account. 2005 was the year I thrifted a copy of Julia Cameron’s book The Artists Way and started to use it.

And finally, at the end of the year I got into a crafty group of people, which was great, and also bought myself a good camera for more experimenting next year.

It’s been a good year. I got a craft corner (thanks for your support P-♥!) in the bedroom, supportive people around me (love you mom!) and the blogosphere full of crafty friends (some I have even meet – wink wink) and inspiration. Can’t ever thank you girls enough for surfin’ by and leaving comments to cheer me up. Thank you so much, it means a lot to me.

But to chose just one project. No way. I couldn’t. It’s all been good to me. I’ve learned by making mistakes, tried and gotten scared of failure. And then tried again, found art dolls as a thing I want to try to do more and found the courage to dream big!

Some projects from this year:

One small step as an artist, one giant leap for my confidence!

ART doll 4 pillow cases Four pillows for the bed Pen case MOS - Frank the green monster Big red bag Denim basket Serendipity gloves A bag with a house appliqe My first art doll Baby Quilt for Felix Fabric artist trading cards Candy floss Mittens Rasberry sock - striped Mobile cozy in wool James the knitted teddy leftover vest Baybe style hat Very long socks Two knitted socks Robin the first crocheted bear Shawl Mauve dream in mohair Little flower bear for my mother Nalle-Bob Miss Foxy Friend Wee pink character Tray of roses Swirlstamp for art Collage on a binder for school

On the kitchen table– Whew! And that’s not even all! Please comment on old entries too if you take the time to read them. I love getting comments and really like when the stuff I’ve done earlier is re-discovered!

And next year? I have lots of plans!

I hope a iHanna shop is coming up, plus a redesign of my homepage at If you wanna know when this happens, please join the Newsletter. I’m considering writing about creativity in one or another way, here or in paper form and I’m looking forward to photo expeditions and lots of collages and art dolls. And maybe I soon dare to dream about joining a craft fair somewhere?

And more Studio Friday of course!

Happy new creative and energetic year from me to all of you!