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365 Collages | Week 19 | Looking back & moving for

365 Collages | Week 19 | Looking back & moving forward

We just passed the “Summer Middle”, and with this post I’m sharing a few “leftovers” or let’s rather call them catch up collages from previous weeks. I’ve already shared week 17 (Being a Paper Squirrel) and week 18 (Ironic Midsummer Romance) this week so I guess the whole concept is confusing not only to me, […]

Retrospective 2005

Retrospective 2005

One small step as an artist, one giant leap for my confidence. iHanna Studio Friday theme: Retrospective! Looking back at the past year. Craft and art 2005 This was the year I started to make collages in an art journal and bought gesso for the first time in my life. I’ve become a better friend […]