Sweat Pea-Kate have made a list of 2o random things about her, and she tagged me to do one too. So if you wanna know 20 random things about me, keep reading…

Self portrait

20 random things about iHanna

1. I like microwave popcorn more than I like ordinary popcorn

2. I’ve had a homepage since 1997

3. my favorite drink is white russian

4. I don’t keep any secrets from my boyfriend

5. I’ve been a computer guide/teacher for children at a Futurekid’s center

6. I like to have my coffee rather cold (or icy)
7. I’ll be 30 in April next year

8. I’ve meet and interviewed the author Michell Magorian

9. I’d like to sell stuff online

10. I’ve been recognized twice by people who previously visited my homepage (and knew facts about my life!) before they even knew me

11. I have made a lot of ATC collages in my days

12. I like pictures of me

13. Today I did a presentation about Korea (the war and situation today) at social science class with a classmate. It went okay

14. One of my favorite books is Gone with the wind by Margaret Mitchell

15. I’ve been to Asia once (4 months in 2002) and to the US once (NY for three weeks in year 2000)

16. I sleep less as I’m getting older I think…
Trades sent away this week
17. I have a motto that goes like this: Andas in. Andas ut. It is engraved on my iPod and means “Breath in. Breath out.”

18. I’ve been to a silent retreat for 10 days and tried to learn how to meditate, but I still think that it is difficult (but great!)

19. I like people who are not afraid to talk about their lives and themselves, weather it is good stuff (bragging) or bad stuff (lessons learned).

20. Last year (2004) I read fiftytwo novels

How about 20 random facts about you, please?