How about some Painters to visit

Today I’m taking you on a tour of beutiful paintins that you can view online.


Firt out: Catia Chien – I really like her painting and book

Uehara-san [via Myra] – so cool, very kawii!

Lori Joy Smith – fab fab fab!

Elesavet Triantafillou – just found this lady, very nice work of art

Caia Koppman [via Sugar N’ Spice] – cool, cruel and cute at the same time

Danka Jaworska – lives in Sweden, I adore her art

Kurt Halsey – super sweet paintings

Camilla Engman – a Swedish artist who is famous in blog world for her crocheted beauties (red is my favorite!

Did you have enough? Here are even more art!

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  1. Hi Hanna,
    Thanks so much for your comment on my blog :) I like yours too. Wow your postcards look terrific! And the monster is very cool. Thanks for all those links (Camilla is amazing isn’t she, I really want one of her crochet softies).

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