My very first ATC

My very first ATCThis is my very first ATC (artist trading card). It is not the correct size, and it is really funny because I drew a couple of ATC sized cards on a A4-cardboard paper but then made the collage on the only one that was not the correct size! But it doesn’t matter because I won’t trade this one anyway, I like it too much. I’m keeping it as a gift for my self. What a great gift creativity is.

I’m amazed how these small pieces of paper glued together on cardboard can make me feel both proud and joy. How is that?

The correct size of an ATC is 3,5 x 2,5 inches, and that is 64 x 89 mm in my world. I’ve joined a couple of mailinglists and will try to find swaps, because, as I said earlier – I’m so hocked on this it hurts! I don’t want to do anything else right now. Anyone wants to trade or give me info on ATC please do! I want to know everything and some more! I’ve soon read all the articles how-to’s at Lisa Vollrath, specially the one on ATC’s! It’s just so nice that some people take the time to write all that great information so that newbies like me can read up for free! Amazing grace! I think I’ve mentioned Aisling before, her how to Create Art-page is a wonderful resource about all kinds of mixed media!

I’ve mass-produced ATC’s this week, more pictures to come.

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  1. I love your site. You have the most interesting links. Part of the fun of blogging is seeing everyone else’s favorites. Oh, and neat ATC. And thanks for visiting my site :>

  2. Follow your bliss, right? It sounds fun–I may have to give it a try myself!
    It’s good you keep it as it makes you happy–sometimes it’s hard to let go of our babies.

    Have a great weekend creating more cards!

  3. Hej! Jag älskar ditt ATC kort. Of course you need to give yourself that one – and I love what you wrote: “What a great gift creativity is.” That is so true – for the giver and the receiver :)

    I am also so glad to have found the aisling links – wow! Inspired me to re-post a project I did last fall :)

    Well, today it’s time to sew – FINALLY. I have been waiting for “time” to sew the outdoor patio chair cushions, and now…. today. Finally.

    But first it’s off to the ballpark.

  4. I love your first card! I love this idea! I’ve just joined the flickr atc group and can’t wait to begin. This just may get me back into making art! Yay.

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