Trådar att fästa!Can you imagine how many threads there are to affix in a striped multicoloured slipover like this? Many, I promise!

But now it’s finished and today I wore it for the first time, checking out the university, our fridge and a coffee shop in town, with a friend. Plus, I found a new store! Have you visited Village? They have lots of nice stuff, I will have to go back soon to get some of it (maybe for the balcony?).

Kaboom! Here it is – on me! I’m proud and very pleased.

Knitted leftovers Slipover

Some details about my slipover/vest
Leftovers at (free pattern!) by Alison Hansel (thank you!)

Cost for yarn:
About 65 SEK I think (had to buy a skein of wool in green for 30 so that added up some to the cheap other yarns)

Making it:
Fun, fun, fun! If I make another one, I will make it a little bit smaller, but otherwise I liked making this. I liked using round needles, different favourit colours, making the stripes up as I went along… And liked wearing it today when the chilly winds came back to town. Where did spring go?

Do I look like an Easter Chicken here? Hmm…