Nemo and Sushi

My fish friendsMeet Nemo and Sushi!

This fish tank is one of the presents I got on my birthday! I love them. The tank is mini small (fits in the palm of my hand) and has two fishes, the clownfish is Nemo (of course) and the blue one is called Sushi. Aren’t they cute? I don’t have any pets, but I’m at home most of the days trying to study. These fishes are going to keep me company at my working desk! Thanks!

Thank you everyone for birthday wishes and help on my knitting problems below. The short row wrapping at was great help and now the baby cardigan looks much better – no holes!

Since I don’t have a cat, a dog or children… Here are Nemo and Sushi again. Say Hi to everyone…

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  1. S? s?t!
    Attans att jag gl?mde skriva en kommentar till din f?delsedag.
    N?ja, grattis i efterskott! Hoppas du hade en underbar dag!

  2. Found my way here today and enjoyed my visit very much. Got all inspired to set up my sewing machine and rummage through my fabrics! :-)

    I’ll be back. =)

  3. That little tank is so much easier to care for than the huge “real” fish tanks that we have here! I love it :)

    Hope you are having a good week, Hanna!

  4. My mother loves fishes patterns and I would like to receive one to put in a towel.
    I will realy apreciate if you coul give some.

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