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New and old friends

Finally I’m back in my own home with my own computer and programs, and I can start to update il bloggo with some Easter/March pictures! I will now start to miss all the wonderful people (including my great family) that I’ve meat during the weeks I’ve been living at my parents house. Oh, wonderful vacation! […]

Happy easter chickens

I bought this plastic bag out of a flea market for 5 SEK. It was full of yellow and pink feathers, and I thought they’d be great for decorating a easter trea or easter collage… And they will (someday), but the funny thing is I found these fellows hiding in the big feathers: Easter yellow […]

Baby cap for grown up girls

I knitted a hat for myself in one night. Inspired by the Do Redo-kit I bought for my friends birthday I knitted a white cap with leftover yarn from a previous project and embrodered it with pink stars all over (pink yarn from mums leftovers)! Very inexpensive project, and fun + fast. I love to […]

I feel like felting away

I found some great links about felting sweaters for decorating your home. I would like to make the felted wool sweater blanket [via Layers of meaning] och maybe first a smaller item, like the wool sweater pillow! I found three grey sweaters in wool at Sk?rholmens Loppis (flea market) this saterday for almost nothing. I […]