Kuan Yin

The Goddess of Mercy is called Kuan Yin in China. She is the most popular Buddhist figure besides Buddha according to a web-page about her.

    Why is this bodhisattva popular in so many Chinese families? It may be because Kuan Yin is represented as a female with an appearance that embraces the qualities of compassion and motherly love. In addition, because many Buddhist scriptures state that one can invoke Kuan Yin’s assistance by simply calling out her name, people feel that this bodhisattva is very approachable.
    (from this page).

I’ve made my first collage on canvas using a picture of Kuan Yin and Chinese newspapers:

Kuan Yin

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  1. Oh Hanna
    I saw Kuan Yin in a buddist temple in Xian,on the back of the wall where we saw the sculpture of Buddha.Oh I remember her….I have a little one I bought.I visited Beijing and Xian in November 2004.

    Your collage make me feel so nostalgic.Kuan Yin is someone the women can trust on or…..The women have a hard life in many countries………..also in China.
    Ulla in the north of Sweden

  2. oh thats pretty.

    and I LOVE those gloves you made, the socks!! and the flower pin.
    thanks for stopping by and saying hello.

  3. Du kan du!! J?ttefin tavla!
    Jag f?r s?n lust att g?ra s?na tavlor jag med… men tiden r?cker liksom inte till. Ack ja…

  4. Hej, jag har l?st din blog i “smyg” l?nge utan att kommentera n?got, men du g?r fina och h?rliga saker och verkar ha massor av roliga id?er. Och nu har jag tagit mig “modet” att starta en blog, d?r du ?r omn?mnd i mitt f?rsta inl?gg. M?nga bloggar om stickning har jag uppt?ckt med det ?r f?rre/ingen om tr?sl?jd s? jag t?nkte att min skulle ha huvudtema tr?sl?jd…

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