Time for presents!

Roses!The present time is passing on quicker than you think. Soon this day will be yesterday. One of my best friend is turning the three O, and yesterday was the big party! It was lots of people, great food and music – I had a good time. And next year it’s my turn to become thirty. Wooohii…

The gifts I gave to my friend Malin was crafty/will be crafty, off course!
A Do Redo Knitting Kit for MalinFirst something that she can make herself. I hope she’ll get hocked… A knitting kit with pattern from Do redo with white wool yarn (supersoft!) for a cap and some red threads for the star pattern (plus I bought her some knitting needles since she doesn’t own any). I know her daughter will be thrilled anyways, since she admired me so much when crocheting my first shawl this summer.

The second gift was a home made rose tray, finally finished this week and bought last summer (sometimes time seam to pass to quick like I said). And I seam to be in love with roses. Roses everywhere! On fabric, in my art journal, on this tray, on the bowl and on the tableclothes!

A tray with roses
I thought decoupage would be my thing this summer and bought napkins with lots of roses on… But I don’t know. It was sooo boring cuting them out, it will not be massproduced. Malin can rest asure she has the One Of Akind TrayTM by iHanna!

A rose tray
A pic of the decoupaged tray from above. I hope it will be used a lot!