I decided in February that I wanted to do some marbel paper soon, and when in moms big kitchen I thought it was a good idea to try it out at home (I’ve done this in school when I was a kid). Mom thought it was a good idea too, and she got us some special marble colours to drop into a pan filled with water. It such an easy craft to do, but the result is stunning. How can something so simple become something so beautiful (at least mosts of our tries was acceptable)?

I tried to make patterns according to a book from the library, but the colours were probably to light and floated as they wanted – free and beautiful. No pattern in sight. Here is some pictures from the event:

Me and mom is making marbelized paper at the zink in her kitchen. Paper craft magic!

Me dropping easter yellow into the big pan filled with water, stiring the colours around and then dipping the paper into the water. Finished!

Mom trying some paper crafting.

First we filled the kitchen table…

…and then the entire floor! It’s a good thing that these colours dry quickly.

Bonus picture: My Dad, hiding behind his flower bouquet.

What can you use the papers for? More pictures to come!