Patchwork on Sweater

I could make a whole blog about my mom and fill it with mom craft projects. She makes a lot of things all the time too, just like me. She thinks I’m the productive one, but I have strong competition in my own mom. Recently she hand sewed a couple of patches of fabric to a knitted white sweater that she thrifted. It’s such Smart and Fun Idea that I wanted to show it to you:

Patchwork on sweater -Copyright Hanna Andersson
This is easy to do and it’s a fun way to spice up a old sweater or a flea market find that is a bit too boring or plain!

And Smilla “on my bed”:

Smilla on my bed by iHanna, Copyright Hanna Andersson
Cutest cat ever!

Did you see that my new book A Creative Year is featured on the cool site Whip up?

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7 Responses to Patchwork on Sweater

  1. Jodi says:

    Pictures of Smilla always make me happy.

  2. That’s a very clever idea with the patches, great job!
    And Smilla is the prettiest cat ever! (I hope my kitty didn’t hear it, whoops!… ^^)

  3. Madde says:

    Smilla ?r s?? fiin!! Och du verkar ha ?rvt en hel del av din mor Hanna, ni ?r s? h?ndiga b?da tv?!!

  4. maria says:

    What a great idea! I’ve recently destroyed my favourite sweater with ink and since then I’ve been thinking what to do with it as I don’t want to throw it away. I think I’m definitely going to try doing a bit of patchwork on it too! Thanks for sharing!


  5. kim says:

    oh, that is so adorable … my mom is the same (in the kitchen ;)

  6. sara says:

    Love that idea!

  7. studio lolo says:

    I’ve enjoyed visiting your blog! And yes, Smilla is a beautiful girl! I should post a pic of my cat, Bliss, as I think she’s a stunner too :)
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment. I’ll be sure to visit you on Etsy. I’ve recently signed on as well :)

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