Cotton time

Not a lot of blog posts here this week because I’ve been crocheting.

On Saturday I went for a long walk (couple of hours long walk!). Lovely autumn air and in the middle I had a pit stop at a yarn/fabric shop where on impulse I picked up a couple of skeins of cotton yarn in pink, yellow and red. And since then I’ve been to the shop again and bought even more yarn/colors.

♥ I love cotton yarn this week! Bliss me!

When I used it last summer I thought it felt so hard and boring, but then I was knitting with it. Crocheting is just so much more fun, and the ripple pattern…. oh my gosh!

Ripple ripple ripple on!

I’m using Susan B’s Easy Ripple Afghan pattern because it’s the fastest and easiest one I’ve found online. In Swedish the ripples are called vågmönster, but I haven’t found a pattern for it in Swedish, so I translated Susan’s!


I’m taking a knitting brake now that I’m finished with the first sleeve of my cardigan. I wanted to do something that pays off a bit better. Something that feels fun and productive. I’ve wanted to make a afghan for a while now, but when I started I did it in acrylic and yuck, that felt bad and looked bad compared to what Moonstitches makes, like her magic hexagons! Alicia’s Ripple Afghan is gorgeous too, and I think they were the ones that started the ripple craze!

Ripple rainbow

I love everything about my afghan right now, even though it’s more like a scarf size still! What can I say, I’m a crochet girl at heart. Every time I see something made with granny squares I stop to look. Maybe it is an old fashioned feeling that the cozyness of a crocheted afghan can bring? It just says “home” to me, and the color variations are endless!

iHanna on the web

Did you see me around? My book A Creative Year was mentioned at one of my favorite sites; Notebookism and my mirror hack has been featured at Ikea hacker!

Afghan inspiration – lots of images at flickr!

Well now I have to go, back to my ripples. Take care!