Beginne jeden Tag mit Sonne…

It was a long time since I posted photos of things I’ve thrifted, even though I’ve taken a few of them. So without further ado, here are some items that got taken home from flea markets and thrift store this year:

Thrifted shabby chic fun, by iHanna - Copyright Hanna Andersson
I can never resist buying; lace, plates and cups with vintage rose prints. I just can’t help this!

Vintage office supplies
Vintage office stamps.

Glass bowl
A beautiful glass bowl – I love these bowls on a foot!

Glass owl
Another owl… I didn’t buy this one, it’s a gift from mom’s collection of glass animals. The cutest and roundest one I think. It’s made in Magnor, Norway (of course) where I’ve been a couple of times as a child.

Thrifted cups
And two more thrifted cups in very different styles that I couldn’t resist. Both are used as pen or brush holders right now, but I might use the Japan one for coffee later on…

Jeden Tag
Detail from the cup, the text says: Beginne jeden Tag mit Sonne im herzen. Isn’t it cute?

Flower power
And finally some flower power, yellow candle holders in glass. They look very cool in the dark, like glowing sunshine on the table. Mmm!

That’s all for today folks. Tomorrow I’ll post about my book (tada!) and on Thursday I might post another video if you want to see what mom made today? Maybe you can guess if you know what day Thursday is? And no, no sonne here today at all, just gray sky, so I stayed inside and wasted my day by the computer. I hope someone made art/craft today?

take care!

oh, and these books I almost forgot about:
Vintage books
Love those red covers!

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4 Responses to Beginne jeden Tag mit Sonne…

  1. Cre8Tiva says:

    a book…yeah!!! for you…i have no idea what thursday is…but i cannot wait to hear…we have a rainy noreaster today…dark and dreary here…sunny toughts for you…blessings, rebecca

  2. Kate says:

    I love the footed bowls too! I just moved into a townhouse that my aunt lived in and decorated, and most of her things are still here. Among them are lots and lots of antique and vintage dishes, serving vessels, and lamps.

    My great-grandmpther collected owls: owl figurines, owl drawings, owl bookends, owl lamps, and so on. She kept most of her collection on top of her piano, and your glass owl reminded me of it!

  3. Lin52 says:

    You’re a confirmed roseaholic, Hanna! The sickness is incurable I believe, but very pleasant to have…

  4. Tally says:

    Beginne jeden Tag mit Sonne im Herzen ……
    start every day with sun in your heart.

    I wish you a good start and lots of luck with your book.

    Hello from Hamburg

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