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Journaling practice: Ask Questions

Asking questions is a good place to start any relationship. But how often do you stop to ask some really important questions to yourself? And then taking time to really answer them, no bull shit allowed? The questions, as well … Continue reading

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Bookreview | The Pulse of mixed media

The successful artist finds a way to mine their inner emotions and reveal these through their art in a way that is compelling. I believe the force behind this process is passion. Seth Apter The Pulse of Mixed Media – … Continue reading

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The importance of a Home

The simplest questions are the most profound. Where were you born? Where is your home? Where are you going? What are you doing? Think about these once in a while and watch your answers change. Richard Bach I have longed … Continue reading

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How to find the answers you need

I realized I had to make things; it was no longer just a hobby. It became my new anti-depressant. Lisa Congdon * What do you want next month to bring your way? What will next year be about for you? … Continue reading

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The inside of my brain

Yesterday I finished my Moleskine diary. It’s as full as my brain. Overflowing. Nothing else will fit in there right now. Here’s a view of how my brain looks most of the time (image found in this very moleskine diary): … Continue reading

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What kind of crayon are you?

You know about all those online tests you can do to find out what kind of person you are? I hardly ever do them. They are about what kind of personality you have, what kind of color you’d be if … Continue reading

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Four years of blogging adventures

Today it is my blog’s birthday. Hurray hurray hurray! It is this blog’s fourth birthday. That means I’ve been writing a blog for four years today. That is a lot of days (1461 days). According to my stats iHanna has … Continue reading

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