My Diary is full - full of Love

Yesterday I finished my Moleskine diary. It’s as full as my brain. Overflowing. Nothing else will fit in there right now.

Here’s a view of how my brain looks most of the time (image found in this very moleskine diary):

The inside of iHanna's head, a Moleskine diary scan and brain dump picture Inside my messy brain there are so many things floating around. Unrelated stuff just floating around, just as they are when you take a peek in my bags, my room, on the floor under my bed and in my boxes of art and craft material. Things that does not seam to be connected to each other. Seemingly they’re just floating around and not moving me anywhere. And then there is all these questions to ponder…

– Where am I going?

It’s three months left of this year and I’m already contemplating 2009 and my choices and priorities for the upcoming year

And there are a lot of questions spinning around inside my head. Like:

– Should I try to do NaNoWriMo this year again? Should I then try another novel or write about creativity and those subjects nagging me?
– What will be my focus for next year? What big project do I want to undertake?
– What shall I do with my blog and in what direction do I want it to head?
– Why does it feel like I’m standing still and not getting anything done?
– What digital project should get my attention and go onto printed paper first?
– What happened to my journalistic ambition?
– Do I want to stop crafting and concentrate on making art? Could I make a decision about what materials I should focus on; fabrics (quilting art), paper (collage), mixed media (collage in bigger form) or mainstream craft (to sell)?
– Could I find online resources that would pay me to write? I want to write badly, but I don’t know where to start and I’m kind of really really slow when it comes to get DOING what I want and need to do!
– Should I print a photo album of this year or last year first? Put all photos from one year in one album or do several smaller ones? Should I do a photo book for print-on-demand that you my friends and readers could order?
– Should I put out another blog book and what year should I pick? This or last year (2007)? Could I do it in InDesign then and make a better layout? But how to get all the images and text in there the most efficacious way?
– Asked before but still have no action plan: what to do with all my Daily Art Cards? Should I do them next year too or something else that will be a daily act of creativity?

My Diary is Love

These and other questions needs to find answers soon, but as you can see my brain does not contain the answers (yet). Only random words floating around without connection or plan. Should I reread GTD already or should I go back to my lists and writing prompts to figure all of this out? Could it even be figured out? I don’t think so, but some of these issues I need to address! It’s my life and I’m a mess!