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Published: The Story of Pink

Thanks for your kind words on my last post my dear friends. There is a lot more than January-blah going on inside my head, but I will talk about that in another post, another time. The block might even have something to do with the fact that I picked writing as my one little word […]

Sweden #fail or @Sweden #win

I just have to air some opinions today: I think free speech is one of the most important laws/ideas of my country. And social media is great for this reason and I’m so glad we can all use it together. But since it’s late, I will, instead of writing my own opinion, share a few […]

Planning for Next Year

Nothing gets a writer more off center than not writing. Julia Cameron My inspiration board right now. I have participated in the lovely project Art Every Day Month during November, and some of the collages from my stack of 30 is up on my inspiration board, as you can see. In the beginning of the […]

Writing in a red notebook

Hi! I’m fine, I’m alive. Thanks to those who asked about me. :-) It’s April, one of my favorite months after all. And suddenly; spring is here with warmth that has kept me and Smilla outside for a few days now. I have been listening to new music, reading great books and trying to write. […]

The Curiosity Bug Infection

How is it possible to have this much to say and not write it down when you have the chance? Can one burst from too many finished sentences floating around inside the brain? Will I burst? I thing I have caught the The Curiosity Bug, and it’s bugging me! I have been trying for days […]