Blogging for over ten years, one of my biggest identities as a grown up has been that I am a blogger, the creator of this blog, writing up and sharing new inspiration every week… But if we lose that ability to write and share blog posts – how do we go about finding the Invincible-blogger-self again?

I am the Invincible blogger. I might not post very often right now, but I am not giving up this thing called blogging. Not this year, and not next year either. Or at least that is my plan, so I keep coming back – and then loosing it. My voice. The momentum. The identity as a blogger. Maybe I’m not the only one?

One of my biggest identities as a grown up has been that I am a blogger on this journey to share stuff with you guys for the long haul. But this year I haven’t as much, and that makes me sad and a bit stressed out. I feel like I have, in a way, lost my identity as a blogger. But is not true, because as long as I am alive and trying, this will be alive too.

Finding the Invincible-blogger-self - again, a blog post by @ihanna

To find my way back though, I have been reading other’s advice on how to become a more consistent blogger, even though I know the trick already…

Oh, wanna know the secret trick right now? It is the simple truth of: Just start and then continue, as with writing and blogging as well as how to become more creative in anything.

The blogger gurus is all giving the same blogging advice, and it is about brainstorming: listing and jotting down a lot of ideas at once so that you have a back log/bank of blogging ideas to use from day to day. As if the problem would be that there one day wouldn’t be any ideas in your head. Or that the problem of writing would be solved with a list of ideas… I find it is more difficult than that. Because oh man, do I have ideas.

I have more than enough ideas of what to write about! The question: “What to write today?” is something that has not yet come up for me. Ever. My problem is usually that I have way way too many ideas in my head. There is not enough room for them all. I always ask myself: how to get them all out at once (wish I could, oh how I wish I could). They seam too many to even make a comprehensive list of, at least if I don’t divide the ideas into categories to make it manageable.

And my categories are not all about writing either… I’ve got huge lists on what I want to create in many different areas: Books I want to bind, knits I want to finish, embroideries I want to start, art journal projects I want to dive into, collage art I want to create, classes I want to teach – and so on. I totally understand why some people give the advice that you as a creative person/artist should concentrate on ONE thing at a time. At times I have tried that approach, but it doesn’t really work that great for me. I need to mix things up, daily.

An ideal day for me would include photography, photo editing, writing, painting or doing collage, sewing and then some reading to finish things of. But the hours of the day does not accommodate that, especially as I know I should also add in exercise, going outside, meditation, cooking, socializing – and cleaning! On my wish list for Christmas, as it is every year, is more energy hours of the day. But back to blogging for now. It’s why you’re here after all. To get some content, some inspiration, some ideas.

I always love reading about blogging, and I always have been. That is because I am multi-passioned. I love not only this thing called writing, I am also a big fan of the geeky side of writing online: wordpress as a platform and tool, with plug-ins, hacks, social media, marketing, sharing, learning, coding, and streamlining things. So of course recently I have been drawn to blog posts like this one, asking: Do you struggle with blogging consistently? by Daniele Uslan, who writes:

Creating a successful blog is a journey, and no matter what you do, it wont be perfect. So just let go of thinking it will be, and write anyway.

Start writing is what she is saying. But with the addition: Time for a plan. Fran of the Freeborboleta blog on Tips for Consistent Blogging:

…blogging consistently is more than just quantity, its also about quality. Find that sweet spot that works for you, ask yourself, how many times per week can you write a quality blog post? Once? Twice? Maybe three times per week? Or maybe youre a blogging maven and can write five quality blog posts per week? Whatever the answer stick to that.

Consistency is the key in many of these advices. Planning for upcoming blog posts, and sticking to your plan. I think that this might be my biggest obstacle here, and in life in general. If I don’t have energy to write, the whole plan goes hay wire in a day. But like my advice on being more creative, doing it daily is also a key component. Being creative daily, or as daily as you possibly can, is the road forward. Because nothing fuels making as much as making itself. Nothing helps start the writing process today as good as the fact that you already started writing yesterday…

My biggest problem as a writer/blogger is this: the more time that passes where I’m not writing, the harder it gets coming back to writing. It just feels too big, too wild, and too much. The back log of ideas, that has not been blogged about, is ginormous.

I know I am the only one who knows about the “missing content”, because it’s only in my head, but it feels like a problem that it’s not here. All the things I haven’t yet shared becomes obstacles of what to share next. So maybe the planning it out better is something I should try, even though I find it hard? I am printing a calendar overview of the last two months of the year right now, and committing to at least THREE blog posts each week until the end of the year. I know I want to share a lot more than that, but hey, let’s take it slow, shall we? Who is with me?

Someone might ask How To Generate Blog Post Ideas When It Feels Like Your Brain Is Broken, as did Christy O’Shoney. She writes:

You have had great ideas in the past and you will have great ideas again. And even though creative blocks happen, its totally possible to work your way back to your invincible-blogger-self. In fact, it actually doesnt have to take as long as you might think…

Thanks Christy for the idea of the title of this post, and for the encouragement. She also suggests taking notes, reading others blogs, creating a mindmap and other fun activities. But since I have loads of ideas, I am only linking to that one for your sake, in case you need idea generating help.

What I wanted to say with this post, as an encouragement to myself and anyone else struggling out there:

I know I am Invincible when it comes to blogging, because I am here – ain’t I?

Or as Holly Becker wrote earlier this autumn, in her post A Blog Is Only Dead When You Are:

…Many bloggers are struggling currently, have you noticed? Content is boring, posts are few and far between, content is constantly sponsored, passionate opinions are few (or gone)… Many bloggers feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of social platforms that exist now. […]

I guess this is why Im writing this post. To say that all of us can fall into the boring rut but whether we remain in it is up to only us. And I have decided to get out, and Im starting with this post…

Boring rut indeed! If you are finding the Invincible-blogger-self missing, I suggest you decide on sharing just one blog post this week, about anything that makes you happy – and then go from there! That’s what I plan on doing. And if you’re not a blogger, maybe encourage a blogger you love? That helps a lot too. I would love to know your thoughts on the trend of blogs dying, writing ruts, and the scope of this post in general. Chim in.

If you cant fly then run, if you cant run then walk, if you cant walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.
Martin Luther King, Jr.

Tomorrows blog post: sharing pretty things on my desk. Yay!