Nothing gets a writer more off center than not writing.
Julia Cameron

Inspiration board November 2010
My inspiration board right now.

I have participated in the lovely project Art Every Day Month during November, and some of the collages from my stack of 30 is up on my inspiration board, as you can see. In the beginning of the month I was thinking about doing a art-everyday-project in 2011, but now that November has passed and I’ve realized that I am more of a every-second day kind of gal I am not as keen on doing collages every day for a whole year any more. One night as I was laying in bed (trying to fall asleep but with my mind racing around with new ideas – as usual making it impossible to relax) I decided next year was not the year for daily art, though I hope to continue my series of square collages.

I have been thinking for such a long time now that I am a writer that is lost, mostly because I do not do the “right” kind of writing…

Not the Right Writing

The biggest problem is that while I do write A LOT (more than most people) I do not “count” the writing that I do. I sometimes don’t even notice it because it is a daily habit, and my plan is to Write with a big double W anyway. I just don’t get to “that” kind of writing. You know what I mean? I have this Idea of a Writer; what it should feel and look like and what it should be about… I have a picture in my mind that I probably will never reach. I journal, I blog and this year I have even written several (non-paid) articles. So yes I do write, but I want… more!

That is why I am pondering a daily writing project, or… something.

Pile of daily art

The Daily poetry idea

I have made an attempt at a year of daily poetry writing before, but then I stopped. It was going really well, I think I wrote for about three months, and most of the poems are really good! But after that my energy went down, I was sick for a while and stopped writing in my wee pink notebook. When you stop it is really difficult to catch up or continue, because it is no longer The Project of a full Year.

I want to go back to poetry though! And I want to write other kinds of text too.

I need a writing rule

I still need to figure out how I can make myself sit by the computer, much like I’m doing right now, and put the keyboard to good use, just writing. I need to do this without getting distracted by reading blogs, commenting, looking around on the internet and email checking. Oh that darn inbox of mine. It fills up with need-an-answer-mails and to-dos faster than you can say “inbox zero”! Doing something “daily” is such a great way to get going with something because it creates a habit that is hard to resist. But daily by the computer-writing is way more than I can handle. I love a lot of things and some days I don’t turn on the computer at all. Yes really.

Suggestions welcome

Creative Every day 2011 Anyway, it is time to ponder next year. To sign up for Creative Everyday. To plan your own projects a bit. Me, I am thinking that I should come up with some kind of “rule” for myself about the writing thing. Three hours each week or three writing seasons weekly? Or filling a certain amount of pages per month? What have you tried? What is working and what is not working? Posting about your goals online perhaps? I’ve been reading artist Lisa Call’s blog lately and she is writing about Motivation by accountability and even posting her weekly goals on her blog for all to see!

I would of course write in Swedish, and mostly in private (maybe for later publication). I will allow myself the idea of 7/30/12 which means you make the commitment for a week, then one month at a time, then maybe the whole year. In that way you succeed even if you can’t continue and that I like!

Bad spelling is bad

I have talked about it before on my blog, how writing in English is a way to communicate with you my dear readers, but it is not my first language and writing in English is a task, not a passion. I know how beautiful inspirational English sounds, I get it on some of the “writer blogs” I follow and I envy how easy words come to these gals. But to me, it is a struggle most of the time and there is no real “poetry” when I do it (at least I can’t feel it in my heart) even though I love to play with words.

A while back I even got a nasty comment from someone about my spelling (asking why I hadn’t picked up some spelling knowledge if, as I said in that post, I read that many books..), the person not knowing of course that the books I do read are in Swedish. And then later I happened upon a conversation on Twitter where someone thought my blog was badly spelled and was turned away by that. The horror! This was said by someone who again did not know I am Swedish, and when her friend told her this she answered something like “Oh, I didn’t know, then I feel more forgiving about the spelling and will check in again” (hi if you are reading still, but I doubt it). I wasn’t really hurt but someway things like that get stick in my head. I am not sure how to solve the problem, but I guess getting a book about English grammar (because I’ve obviously forgotten those rules since I was in school). To study the language could be one (very boring) solution… hehe. We will see.

Comments welcome. Take care!