Will I get a confirmation e-mail when I sign up?

Signing up is a two-part process. When you pay the fee via paypal you will get a receipt after your payment is done. When you have gotten that, which should just take a few seconds, go back to the sign-up-page and below the payment button there is a form, which you must fill in in order to be registered for the swap!

You will get a confirmation to your e-mail, via Google forms. Double check that everything is correct, and if you need to change something please Contact Hanna. Do not fill in the form twice, or try to resubmit it with changed information. Thank you.

Make sure you’re registered and that you’ve noted all dates (deadline on when to send your postcards out) in your calendar before you leave this site to go create your awesome postcards. In that way you won’t be worried later that you missed the e-mail with your addresses, because you’ll know what date to look for it. :-)

If you’re not using paypal as your method of payment you might not get an e-mail receipt, but of course you will see if the money have been drawn from your bank on your bank statements. Still, fill in the form below the paypal button and you will get a form confirmation via Google forms to the e-mail you filled in for our communication there. Then you know you’re in.

If you do not get that confirmation e-mail, the form might not have submitted correctly. Please e-mail me directly and we will work it through together!

The form seams to not always submit if you’re on a phone or tablet. I am sorry about that, but it’s not on my end. If you don’t get a confirmation directly after submitting – it didn’t work. Try on your computer later, and submit once. Check for confirmation.

This page is part of the Postcard Swap FAQ