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Some stories don’t have a clear beginning, middle and end. Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what’s going to happen next. Delicious ambiguity.
Gilda Radner

Playing on some Index Cards for ICAD 2019 (index card a day collage) #dyicad #ICAD

I’ve been playing on some Index cards (that is, filling them with colors). It’s a daily challenge called index-card-a-day. These are from 15th to 21st of July, with some peeks at my journaling as well today.


July 15 ICAD by iHanna (index card a day collage) #dyicad #ICAD
Index Card July 15 by iHanna: Bäst på kreativitet. Best at Creativity. #truthbomb

And here’s a look at the backside of this one:

w20190720_15380 (index card a day collage) #dyicad #ICAD
Quote I copied and printed many years ago from Mary Ann Moss’ great blog Dispatch from LA, which I still read.

It’s such a great quote because it is so Me! I’m definitely not a neatnik either, and order comes with (sometimes too big) effort around here. But when I re-find my white desk under the piles of notebooks, papers and fabric, it is so lovely.

Narcotic bliss indeed.

July 16 ICAD by iHanna (index card a day collage) #dyicad #ICAD
Index Card July 16 by iHanna: Bike-ride. Get it?

July 17 ICAD by iHanna (index card a day collage) #dyicad #ICAD
Index Card July 17 by iHanna: Fixa själv. Do it yourself / Fix it yourself.

July 18 ICAD by iHanna.jpg (index card a day collage) #dyicad #ICADIndex Card July 18 by iHanna: Think by yourself.

I thought it would be fun to share some of my index card backsides with you today, so here’s another one:

w20190721_15386 (index card a day collage) #dyicad #ICAD

It’s a little journaling for July 18, about me finishing Ryder Carroll’s book (also mentioned here) and loving how the daily rapid logging makes me feel more like a thinking human being again.

July 19 ICAD by iHanna (index card a day collage) #dyicad #ICAD

Index Card July 19 by iHanna: Kreativit skrivande. Creative writing, something I plan to do a lot more of this autumn.

And here’s the backside, just words in big pink letters (words that define summer at the moment):

Journaling by iHanna on the back of  the index card a day collage #svenska #dyicad #ICAD
Summer. Audio books. Now. Balcony. Watercolors. Coca-cola. To grow. Brocante. Lawn. Sewing. Geranium. Open windows. ICAD. Re-evaluating. Fika. Sallad. Sun screen. Diary. Travel. Family. Climate crises. Walks.

July 20 ICAD by iHanna (index card a day collage) #dyicad #ICAD

Index Card July 20 by iHanna: H is for Houston.

Fifty years since that first epic moon landing, so the H that was first for Hanna turned into H for Houston;

w20190721_15383 (index card a day collage) #dyicad #ICAD

We watched a super awesome documentary on TV that night, were they used the original recorded sound from Apollo 11 and then added it to filmed actors mimicking what was said so it looked like they were filmed all the way to the moon and back. It was so cool to hear them talk to each other, and get the “news update” they got from earth, which was just funny little stories of no significance each day they were up there.

July 21 ICAD by iHanna (index card a day collage) #dyicad #ICAD

Index Card Sunday July 21 by iHanna: Lend me a hand.

That’s seven index cards. I hope you liked them. Also, re-reading this old blog post today:

iHanna's journals from 2008
Pile of journals from 2008: Keeping a diary is one of my best habits

If you missed previous Index-Card-A-Day blog posts from me, feel free to check out my tag ICAD 2019. Take care.

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  1. Glad you’re still having fun with your ICAD cards! Thanks for sharing them with us! I desperately need to clean off my craft table (I’m still unpacking from our move, so everything piled on the craft table needs sorted, not just put away…very time consuming and not very fun.). But I know once I get things unpacked, sorted, and find homes for everything, I’ll feel much better about creating artwork again. I agree with you and Miss Moss, there’s just something wonderful and calming about a clean area to create in.

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