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Index Card Art 2019-07-08 ICAD by iHanna
ICAD 8 July by iHanna: Summer is reading time.

Index Card Art 2019-07-09 ICAD by iHanna
ICAD 9 July by iHanna: Blue dots and days.

Index Card Art 2019-07-10 ICAD by iHanna
ICAD 10 July by iHanna: Watch for inspiration, everywhere.

Index Card Art 2019-07-11 ICAD by iHanna
ICAD 11 July by iHanna: Making a mess on my desk.

Index Card Art 2019-07-12 ICAD by iHanna
ICAD 12 July by iHanna: Cut, paste and smile.

Index Card Art 2019-07-13 ICAD by iHanna
ICAD 13 July by iHanna: Clean up later, right?

Index Card Art 2019-07-14 ICAD by iHanna
ICAD 14 July by iHanna: Progress in a jar.

Not much to say from me, but maybe you’ve got something to add?

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  1. Your index cards turned out so incredibly cute and fun! Thank you for sharing your artwork with us! It’s always so fun to study each piece and wonder where it came from and how you chose it, and then admire how you made it fit with the rest of the collage. Hope you’re having a happy summer!

  2. Oh how I love this serie Hanna! It makes me smile thinking of you happely creating these… and yes, Summer is for reading! ( I just finished Karl Ove Knausgård’s series of six novels “Min Kamp”. I read three of the books last Summer and the other three this Summer, it’s too ‘heavy stuff’ to read all in one row… but he is a marvelous writer! Do you know his books?) Seeing your index card collages make me wanna dive into collaging again.

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