365 Collages | Week 17 | Being a Paper Squirrel

I am definitely a Paper Squirrel, saving every little piece of paper I can. I squirrel away all the papers that I think have potential to be in a collage, some day. I think you have to be somewhat of a Paper Squirrel to be a collage artist. You need a good collection of different papers, in different sizes, patterns, and qualities. Looking through them is what gets me going with collage.

Sometimes I’ll have an idea what I want to do and express, but seldom does my vision come through. My intuition takes over and my hands start gluing papers together.

Dinner is Ready - Collage 116 by iHanna
Dinner is Ready – collage by iHanna.

I’m still fascinated with the vintage substrate I’m using for these collages, so it is still peaking through on most of them.

Here are seven new collages for week 17 of 2018, made by this Paper Squirrel, right in the middle of my 365 Collages Project…

Collage art by a Paper Squirrel

Queen of the Trees -117 of 365 by iHanna
Queen of the Trees – collage by iHanna.

Learning from the Best - Collage 118 of 365 by iHanna
Learning from the Best – collage by iHanna.

Forest Hideaway - Collage 115 of 365 by iHanna
Forest Hideaway – collage by iHanna.

Staying at Home - Collage 120 by iHanna
Staying at Home – collage by iHanna.

Three Little Friends - Collage 114 by iHanna
Three Little Friends – collage by iHanna.

Another Hideaway - Collage 119 of 365 by iHanna
Another Hideaway – collage by iHanna.

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Thanks for being here, and reading my blog and leaving me a comment below letting me know which of these collages you like the best – and why? I’m curious & appreciate that a lot. :-)

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4 Responses

  1. My name is Jenny and I am a Paper Squirrel!!! i love this post Hanna, it’s 100% true about “squirreling away” all the bits and pieces i think i will use ‘someday’ – i recently finished a major sort/organization of my art supplies, and decided i needed to be a tad more selective with what i collect and keep, it just got to a point where i had more than i would ever use, as well as finding stuff i really wasn’t crazy about anymore. i have a few small containers set aside to use in journals, gluebooks, and for collage and am attempting to use that before more squirreling! hahaa. (certain things that cross my path are impossible to resist so i keep a small container for those. Queen of the Trees is my favorite because of the adorable little squirrel image. i love the vintage look on all of them. tfs xo

  2. I, too, am a paper squirrel!! Thanks for giving us such an adorable name! But now I need to start using my paper pieces instead of just collecting them!
    Thanks for sharing your collage photos with us!!

    • I’m with you on that Arielle…..the collecting is so much fun but i need-need-need to use all of the bits and pieces, or maybe since we are paper squirrels i should call them acorns and peanuts! lol lol

  3. Hi Hannah – I love this series – 3 little friends being my favorite the Queen of the trees and Forest Hideaway. I am wondering how you store your papers? Like all of the other comments I have a lot of goodies myself and simply can’t resist when I find more old books, papers etc in rummage sales, hanging on poles in the street, in the street or in magazines and newspapers. Do you have any sort of system so you can find what you are looking for? Looking forward to hearing about your storage systems for papers!

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