Three Christmas Journals + Video

I made a couple of Christmas Journals in the beginning of the month. Yay! They’re up for sale if you’re interested, although I know that I am late posting them for this Christmas. But I just can’t keep these goodies to myself until next Christmas – so here we go!

Christmas Journals / Junk Journals Traveler's Notebook sized, hand made by iHanna and for sale at #christmasjournal

I want to share them with the hopes to inspire you just a little bit. And maybe, just maybe, one of you will be tempted to buy one of them. *fingers crossed*

They’re looking for nice homes right now…

These three lovely Christmas journals have a sturdy sewn binding. Since I love the very yummy regular Traveler’s Notebook, that’s their size (11 x 21 cm or approximately 4.33 x 8.25 inches). I’ve got my own in my Traveler’s Notebook cover, and it looks divine. Each one contains 32 sheets (64 pages). The papers are all different patterns, so you could also call them “junk journals”.

A Pile of Handmade Christmas Journals - hand made by iHanna, now for sale at #christmasjournal

They are my first sewn Christmas journals, because my previous ones have been spiral bound). I loved making the spiral bound too, but can’t remember having this much fun back then. I love sewing notebooks together, mixing papers, making journals.

Spread in Christmas Journal / Junk Journal no 1 - hand made by iHanna, for sale at #christmasjournal

Christmas Journals for sale

As a business person I need to be more planned in the future. At least if I’m going to make things for time limited occasions like Christmas – and not start thinking about them when they should be done.

I actually filmed these the 1st of December, but then it took me two days to edit, then I got a new website job to work on, and then… excuses, and procrastination, and I guess a bit of the winter tiredness hit me…

Spread in Christmas Junk Journal no 1 hand made by iHanna and for sale at #christmasjournal

But the thing is, I’m really pleased with them. I used up papers I already had, from previous years, and diminished my “Christmas stash” pile, which was one intention I had with this project. The other was to make something I could put up for sale, and the third, to try to find some Christmas joy for myself. And that’s what I want to talk about tomorrow.

But first, time for another video flip-through.

Christmas Journal Video

I did make one for myself of course (that I will be blogging and filming too) and then these three for sale, now uploaded to my Etsy Shop if you want to go check them out. See the flip through below:

If you can’t see the video player above, click here to watch it on YouTube. And as per usual, leave me a comment below and if you could and have the time, also give the video a thumbs up and a comment on YouTube! It means a lot to me to get feedback on the videos I’m producing. Thank you!

Aren’t these Christmas Journals yummy? They’re small enough to fill during an intensive holiday week end, so you should definitely grab one to work in. They’d be perfect to stick in the ephemera your recieve during the holiday too, like cards or tags…

By the way, I don’t really like the term “junk journal”. It is because I do not consider any of the things or papers I used as junk, they’re all treasures to me. But it’s a very common term these days for journals with mixed papers. And that they are.

If you’re wondering what I’d do on pages like these, I will hopefully film a bit about my process. Let me know if you’d enjoy a journal with iHanna-video? I’ve already started working in my journal.

Gold Ribbon Christmas Journal

The notebooks have very similar pages. But my personal favorite of the three, when it comes to the covers, is this one:

Spread in Christmas Junk Journal no 1 hand made by iHanna and for sale at #christmasjournal

I think the gold plastic ribbon is the perfect embellishment for the cover of Christmas Journal One (SOLD). I love how you can feel the texture when you hold it. I am definitely making something similar again, with the rest of the ribbon, maybe not as a Christmas Journal, but as regular Randomosity journal for myself and maybe more for the shop?

But even if the two-part-blue covered Christmas Journal Two (SOLD) is not as fancy, I see great potential. Because it is so simple, you could embellish it greatly with silver sequins, glitter washi tape or a nice tag with the title.

Spread in Christmas Junk Journal no 3 hand made by iHanna and for sale at #christmasjournal

The last of the lot, is Christmas Journal Three (SOLD), with not houses (ahem) but Christmas decorated doors, on the cover. I think it says Welcome Inside for glögg and Ginger bread cookies my dear friend, but without needing the words. I also love the inside of this cover, lime green with ornamented pattern. Yum!

Since I filmed the video I’ve printed Made by iHanna-labels, and added them to the inside cover, just so you know. I’m also including a little bit of “extras” in the back pocket of each journal, so that you can get started straight away. There are little bits of this and that inside each pocket (sticker, scrapbook paper scraps, tissue paper etc), and I hope you’ll love opening up that pocket.

Thanks for hanging out with me, and have a wonderful day!

BTW: I also have some bags of Yummy Christmas Papers, freshly made this year in my shop! They’re perfect as a companion for a Christmas Journal or just for playing in your regular Art Journal.

Let me know how you’re doing when it comes to Christmas preparations. Are your house in order, your December Daily album almost half full? Maybe it’s just me who is late, late, late? Well, gotta hop on.

Happy Second of Advent as well. Bye for now.

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  1. Really enjoyed your video letting us explore and admire your new creations! Loved all the happy papers! Thanks for brightening my day!

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