XOXO Warming Heart (Photo by iHanna - Hanna Andersson)

This art quilt is kind of a mix
between a diva and a country girl at heart… The heart itself is made out of pure wool (from a blood red sheep!?) stitched into a heart form (but not felted) with glittery yarn and pearls, and on each of the embroidery’s vertical sides I’ve sewn a fancy and super soft feather boa… Diva Luxury + Simple Country Style = true love!

Mixing materials that doesn’t really go together is fun, especially when you find the contrasts. Like adding the thin white fabric to the read quite hard woven fabric, or stitching hard black stitches on a white background…

Wool heart detail (Photo by iHanna - Hanna Andersson)
This embroidery I’m calling “XOXO I love you” heArt Quilt! It’s full of contrasts and contradictions – just like love, but it also has it soft spots… Tender spots to stroke and pay special attention to!

XOXO detail
X is for hugs, O is for kisses and there should be lots of them in life, for everyone!

PS: I’ve added this to iHanna’s Etsy Shop, please check it out out if you have the time, coz I would appreciate it. Maybe you could find a spot in your home for it? Every heart needs a good loving home as you know.