I love to inspire you guys to be more creative in your everyday life, but since I haven’t had the energy or time to write posts myself lately (and now I’ve got a horrible cold this week) I will post this for your weekend: inspiration em masse from others. I hope it will get you inspired to create something, anything… Just remember: everyday is a good day when you paint!

Inspiration Mosaic October 2015 collected by @ihanna

Inspiration Mosaic October 2015 collected by iHanna on Flickr.
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In this post I am sharing a whole long list of YouTube videos and links to articles, blog posts and fun stuff (free printable, peanut generator, Bob Ross quotes etc) that I think you should check out when you have the time. En masse actually means in a group; all together.

So all together now: Let’s get inspired!

There is something beautiful about a blank canvas, the nothingness of the beginning that is so simple and breathtakingly pure. Its the paint that changes its meaning and the hand that creates the story. Every piece begins the same, but in the end they are all uniquely different.
Piper Payne

The link list doesn’t have a painting theme as a whole but at the end there is painting happiness ideas that just makes me smile and dance a bit… I hope you will too. Let me know in the comments below.

Inspiration en masse

iHanna Loves this Dad draws on lunch bags – Bryan Dunn has been drawing on his sons lunch bags every day for two years and it’s amazing art!

iHanna Loves this The Tiny Book Show is coming Spring/Summer 2016, and anyone who is interested in the art of tiny bookmaking is invited to submit (at a fee) to the exhibition. But even if you don’t join, you should watch the cute video there, it’s so inspiring. I want to make my own tiny library now! And an exhibition in Sweden!

iHanna Loves this How to Grow as a Creative and as a Person blog post by Emily Banks. She writes: “Different doesnt mean better or worse. It means that whatever cool thing youre doing is uniquely yours.

iHanna Loves this The psychology behind people believing they aren’t creative

iHanna Loves this 9 ways to stay focused when working from home With so much going on in your head, sometimes it’s hard to keep 100 per cent concentration while working on an artistic project, they write. Well, I know the feeling, way too well, so I’ll take any advice at this point.

iHanna Loves this Fairy Bites – A Sweet Little Treat that looks yummy and colorful, something I’m always atracted to. Not sure I would like eating them, but I will save the recipe for a while to see if I can find out what the multi-colored nonpareils really are and if I can find them here.

iHanna Loves this The Art Of Self-Promotion – 6 Tips For Getting Your Work Discovered from Austin Kleon

iHanna Loves this Worthwhile ideas are 1 in 10,000 – All it takes to turn the amateur into a professional is one piece of work. Just one days worth of work. One project. But what we dont commonly see is the hundreds and thousands of other ideas that came before that one…

iHanna Loves this Sweden is shifting to a 6-hour work day, at least at some workplaces. I think it sounds like the best idea ever! “While impressions of staff being happier and full of energy arent exactly scientific basis for declaring 6-hour work days as ‘better’ than the 8.7-hour work day endured by the average American, we do have evidence that what were doing right now isnt working.” Obviously.

iHanna Loves this Meet Google Keep – save your thoughts wherever you are

iHanna Loves this Longform Podcast: Molly Crabapple – worth a listen, if you can stand Molly’s language. She is an artist and journalist that is the kind of person I admire most: so fucking honest it hurts. And awesome, inspiring, raw, curious and brave.

iHanna Loves this Peanuts Character Creator – Get Peanutized! Create yourself (or someone else you know) as a character in the Peanuts movie… Just for fun, but quite fun. This is me (kind of):

iHanna in Peanuts the Movie

Heee heee…. iHanna in Peanuts the Movie, 2015.

iHanna Loves this Watch Ishtar X Tussilago – Found this Swedish video on Vimeo, it’s about a couple of young adults who knows how to live for real, and how to bring on the adventure! Woosh!

iHanna Loves this Free Phone Wallpaper Download designed by Katelyn Wood of Love. Luck. Kisses & Cake.

iHanna Loves this Don’t you just love cute printables? Pigtail dosn’t blog anymore but her downloads are so worth a visit. I love the Pigtails cute labels and her Super cute tags.

iHanna Loves this Share your DIY Postcards – more inspiration on making your own artistic postcards, but from those participating in my postcard swap. Check ’em out!

18 minutes of plastic animals, anyone?

iHanna Loves this My Littlest Pet Shop Collection on YouTube by LPS Hannah, who has over 1500 of these little plastic animals. I found this video by coincidence but found out that the other Hannah has been doing shows with her animals for years and has thousands of subscribers. Pretty cool if you ask me. A collection like that takes dedication and passion folks! If you have the time, watch her 5 Year Anniversary where she is staring herself. Cool effects, and oh so much work put into it.

Everyday is a good day when you paint

iHanna Loves this 50 Happy Little Things Bob Ross Taught Me About The Joy Of Being Alive found via Gala Darling. He has the best quotes, and be sure to scroll to the end where you’ll find my new theme song:

iHanna Loves this Bob Ross Remixed: I believe, I believe every day is a good day when you paint… Love it!

iHanna Loves this Artist Flora Bowly offers a subscription to what she calls “Studio Diaries” with a few new videos each month – but as I was looking around there I found that the first one is free. It’s called Diaries: Awaken – check it out and watch her paint!

iHanna Loves this All About Watercolor Paints – This blog post contains everything you ever wanted to know about watercolor paints, and has some pretty images too.

iHanna Loves this I follow a few artists on Instagram, one of them is watercolorist Ana Victoria Calderon. Check out her website for some serious inspiration when it comes to painting, lettering and illustrating: anavictoriana.com! Yum, right?

iHanna Loves this One of my favorite artists to watch on YouTube calls herself Mitsib. She does harmonious watercolors, but also wild and crazy mixed media paintings using spray paint, acrylics and hard core music. Here is one of her recent artworks being created:

iHanna Loves this Why wonder mixed media panting by mitsib on youtube.

iHanna Love! I have linked to others for many many years, but maybe a bit too sporadically. I’ve at times tried to do Weekly Inspiration or Link Love Lists grouped by theme, but fallen by the wayside rather quickly. I started this series two months ago and I love it! I hope you do too, because you get a lot of inspiration in just one post, or at least that is my hope.

Also check out: last months Inspiration en masse: Penmanship and handwriting!

Have a wonderful weekend!